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About us

Mploy is a recruitment and staffing agency active within a broad range of industries. We're experts on finding both permanent and temporary staff for companies of all sizes and has a long track record of satisfied customers from all over the world.


We either work as your outsourced recruitment partner or as a part of your inhouse team. You want us on site? No problem, lets talk.


Are you searching for a game-changing person? This is what we do best. Find unicorns. We have a long track record of hunting for these hard to fill positions.


When companies grow fast we can easily help with consultants for shorter or longer projects.


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Right now, we're looking for

Senior Developer (java) - Mojang

Help scale Minecraft realms Hit me!

UX/UI Designer - Mojang

Want to design Minecraft? ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ Hit me!

Sales Representative - Unomaly.com

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Hit me!

Account Manager - Unomaly.com

Find and keep our clients happy! Hit me!

Solutions Engineer - Unomaly.com

bridge between sales and tech Hit me!

Technical Configuration Manager

Continuous delivery and leadership Hit me!

Android Developer - Sydney

Drop bears everywhere! G'day mate!

iOS Developer - Sydney

Koalas as far as your eyes can see! invoice me!

iOS Developer - Singapore

11m passagers. 200k drivers Take me for a ride!

Android Developer - Singapore

620 million users! Take me for a ride!

Frontend (Games) - #gbgftw

Brand new gaming studio Spin me!

Game Artist - #gbgftw

Brand new gaming studio Play me!

Test Engineer (Games) - #gbgftw

Brand new gaming studio Spin me!

Javascript developer - Åre

Javascript ninja at day. Skiier at...night? Ski me!

HTML/CSS/JS Developer - Åre

5 minutes from the slopes. Ski me!

Projektledare Webb - Stockholm

Agila utvecklingsprojekt och whiteboards Hit me!

Backend/php-utvecklare - Stockholm

Be part of an amazing team Hit me!

Utvecklare - prototyp.se

VR, IoT, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Kaffe Hit me!

Backend/php-utvecklare - Observify

Observify är enkel mediebevakning Läs mer.

Global Marketing Director

Scale Werlabs around the world? I´m in.

Maintenance Manager

Arizona Chemicals Read more

Säljande konsultchef till init

Bygg vår devopsavdelning! Hit me!


...Ping Pong... Ping!


De kallar oss konsulter... Läs mer

No perfect match?

That’s alright.

We’re constantly looking for talented people on behalf of our picky clients.

Send us your CV or linkedin and we will contact you when a suitable job comes up. Promise.

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Our Process

Finding the perfect candidate for a position is no walk in the park. Our process is therefore made together with our clients to suit their particular needs.

1. Meet

Together we decide what we are going to search for. Job description, advertising, stake holders and so on.

2. Hunt

This is what we do best. We are experts in finding skilled people for hard to fill roles. We try to match your demands with the candidates needs and skills.

3. Present

We will continuously present candidates that we find thru the process.

4. Sign

Hopefully we will find the unicorn you are after.

Want to know more?

What our clients say

  • "André has been working for Spotify for three years. He is absolute one of the best recruiters I have ever meet! "

    Jonas Axelsson / Talent Acquisition Manager at Spotify HQ

  • "Frustrated with the big recruitment agencies' struggle to find good developers, I contacted André and Mploy. It took a couple of days and 3-4 curriculum vitaes before he found us the right person. "

    Tobias Bard / CEO Prototyp Stockholm.

  • "Mploy has helped ABB recruiting talants in a professional and quick way. Dan is professional, quick to understand the organisation and knowing what kind of people we are looking for. "

    Therese Ideblad / Human Resource and Talent Acquisition at ABB

  • "I worked with Dan on the tech sourcing team at Klarna for about 6 months. Dan is a truly great colleague and recruiter. Always finding different ways of reaching out and finding candidates using tools and technologies."

    Mikael Strandlund / Evil Recruitment Genius

Meet the Team

We are a small, dedicated team.

André Hellström

Once i was a recruiter like you!

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Dan Orre


Curious Business Developer

Petra Schürer


Also back office

Emelie Tobey


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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